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Weekend in Review

I know I'm really pushing the time limit for weekend recaps, but man, what a nice long fun weekend. It felt like weeks since I had been in this place come Tuesday morning.

Friday night: HM's fare-thee-well at the Black Cat's desperate attempt at a New Wave night. There were a few strikes against it: they put it in the back room, which was way too small, it was all-ages, and the DJ, while her song selections were very good (she even played Mesopotamia), her skills were lacking. And she rocked out a bit too much to her own cleverness. Like, she played the Jaws/Farmer Ted theme when opening up into one song and was just hanging onto her headphones for dear life bopping away with her clever self. Then again, the Black Cat has Stella Artois, so it can never be that bad.

Saturday. All of Saturday: All week I have been bursting with excitement to work on the LOTR Fellowship game that I started last Sunday at Gamer's house. I headed over there at around 2pm, began playing, we grilled at some point or another, and when the game locked up at 1:30, I figured it was a sign. 11 hours of orc-slaying geekery.

Sunday: vegged all day, went to dinner with the Parkses and the Bermans and then we subjected ourselves to the Matrix 2. You all know I could not have had lower expectations for that movie, and well, they failed to please even me. I don't think it was worth even a full dissection, but I'll voice by biggest gripe here: the music was AWFUL. Not the "songs", but the score. Jarring, horribly placed, grossly plagiarized. As Homer would say, "John Williams is spinning in his grave." Close your eyes and think of the scene in Jedi when Leia tells Han that she's lavishing attention on Luke not because she loves him, but because they're siblings. Remember the three bassoon notes that played when the cut to Han's shocked mug. dahhhhh dah daaaah. It was like someone over in Matrixland programmed those notes into their casio and just hit the necessary button every time we were supposed to pay attention. THIS IS IMPORTANT! dahhhhh dah daaaah! And we all know the Keymaster isn't some quiet little Asian man, he's Louis Tully. Duh.

Monday: Thanks to Andy's stellar new chick, Michelle, I was provided with enough impetus to actually get my ass off the couch before 2pm. I always spend my weekends lounging around watching TLC or whatever marathon is on MTV, then wonder why I never do anything during the daytime. By 1:00, we were on the metro. Got off at Arlington Cemetery, walked across the Memorial Bridge, hit the Rolling Thunder food stands for some bbq, walked the length of the Mall, hit the Freer Gallery, the Botanical Gardens, the Smithsonian central thingy place, the Natural History (scary prehistoric fish!), and then up to Chinatown for mai tais and peking duck. It was downright touristy of us. Andy and Michelle came by to play a game of Lunch Money, and even stuck around to watch my bad TV with me. What a day.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Weekends like that really drive it home that it's time to get some resumes out.

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