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2.5 Children, a dog, a sensible mid-sized car...

My best friend is throwing a party for her boyfriend this weekend. It's a barbecue complete with the outdoor patio, hotdogs and beer. I volunteered to make my mother's macaroni salad that while a crowd pleaser, is rightly so because dammmit, it's delicious. As the party nears, I grow excited about the event, and I grow even more excited about the prospect of making the macaroni salad.

As a result, I am stricken with confusion. What am I excited about? Is it the familiar comforting taste of the macaroni salad? Is it the anticipation of sharing something I love with the people whose company and opinion I value most? Is it simply the fact that I'm excited to make a mayonnaise-based side dish for a barbecue, bring it to my friend's house in tupperware, bask in the praise of the salad-eaters, and make a comment before I leave that I have to pick my tupperware up next time I come over? Is it the pastoral suburban joy of a pot luck dinner that has fabricated itself in my mind? Does this mean I will use a minivan to taxi my brood to soccer practice?

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