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Gym Bitching

I had the best day on Sunday. I had heard from some of the gals at the gym that there is another gym in our network, if you will, that has a pool, and that we could go to it 4 times a month for free on our membership. I had all day with no plans, so I went. Thanks to the bad address reciting skills of the guy working the desk at the gym, it took me a few tries to get in, but it was well worth it. The gym was GORGEOUS. It was in this really nice hotel, but the differences didn't end there. The lockers were beautiful cherry wood with clothes hangers inside and were all roomy. The toiletries dispensers were chrome-plated. The showers were clean and spacious and plentiful. Towels were everywhere: each cardio machine had a neatly rolled towel beside it or in the water holder. There were towels randomly all over the place. There was the pool, the sauna, the steam room, the tanning bed, a hot tub. They even had a mural of a roman bath scene on the wall of the pool room.

Every cardio machine had its own TV connected to it. All of the cardio machines worked. There were two of each weight machine. It was workout paradise. I did the some cardio for a while, did some weights, and then hit the pool. There is something so therapeutic about being submerged in water. And even though I had a pool growing up, I never really did laps before. It was strenuous but refreshing, and once the pool cleared out a bit, I did a little more bobbing and playing and a little less laps. I sat in the hot tub for a while, then took my sweet time getting showered in the beautful facility and left feeling exhausted and energized.

It really woke me up to what a shithole my gym is. For the past man...6 months now, they've had this sign up that says DRYERS TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER. PLEASE LIMIT TOWEL USE (but before that it was DC IS EXPERIENCING A WATER SHORTAGE. PLEASE LIMIT TOWEL USE) and they keep the towels behind the reception desk so you have to ask for them. There is always at least one cardio machine broken, and a few others whose readout thingys are broken. Half of the heart rate monitors don't work. The "Cardio Theater", or the thing on each machine you plug your headphones into to listen to the tv's, rarely works, or if it does, the plugs are so loose that sound only comes out of one ear. The fucking tampon machine doesn't even work.

Every couple of months, they run these "Customer Appreciation Days" where they allow us to bring guests in for free and then have out trays of rollup sandwiches and cookies and pound cake and stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love pound cake. But that's not what I want to see at the gym. But what bugs me most about it is that they spent all this time and effort to blow up balloons and buy food to show us how much they appreciate us, when they can't even do a simple check of their equipment to see if it's working. I'd feel more appreciated if my monthly dues went to a functioning gym where I could use as many towels as I need.

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