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It's The Bomb

A strange email came into my work account this morning from the VP of Human Resources saying that there had been a bomb threat emailed to the building over the weekend. He said they alerted the FBI and were working on it. No other details. No information like, "keep your eyes out for suspicious packages" or "careful of the ticking plumbing". Nothing.

There was a fire alarm later in the morning that was called off before I even got out of my chair. Then later on in the afternoon, around 1:15, a garbled announcement comes across the PA system. Something like "mraerfavergh mraf oalkre, BOMB THREAT. Please exit the building" and then another fire alarm.

Like with most alarms, my college instincts kicked in. Bomb threats were a daily occurence during finals week. I was getting ready to head outside with nothing more than my cigarettes. But something inside me giggled as I grabbed my gym bag, thinking "wouldn't it be nice to get out of work for the rest of the day." I joined the orderly ranks of the evacuating employees, just to catch a glimpse of said HR VP running down the halls practically waving his arms, shouting "OFFICE IS CLOSED! OFFICE CLOSED!"

Sure enough, we got out of work at 1:30. Excited, I went to the gym, knowing I could work out twice as long and still get home for some Judge Judy. Oddly, as I was getting dressed after my workout, one of the trainers came into the locker room announcing that the gym was also closing due to a bomb threat.

A gym and my shitty company. What could anyone possibly achieve by bombing that?

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