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Multiple Crises Update:

  • Car: fixed. Took it to Sears last night figuring they'd have it until at least Saturday. The guys were finished with Justice before Mick and I were finished with dinner. Turns out it was merely the alignment. When I got new struts a few months ago, the guys said an alignment would be something bullshit like $200 extra. I told them to get fucked and I guess I completely forgot about getting that redone (or was afraid it actually *was* $200). Total cost of repairs: $60. Bless you, Sears Auto Center.

  • Bed: on its way to being fixed. The handy frockazulu has every efficiently and professionally made a set of slats to support the bedframe in its little wheely thing. Bless you, J-dogg.

  • Apartment: I think I'm going to stay. I called the guy who showed me the super awesome apartment this weekend that I really wanted and he rented it out yesterday. I looked up the "intent to vacate" terms in my lease, and they say that you have to give 60 days notice if you want to move out, and owe rent up until your move-out date or the 60 days, whichever comes later.

    The tricky part is that the lease says you need to give 60 days for your "initial", or yearly lease, but once you go month-to-month, the notice term goes down to 30 days. They very cleverly gave me notice of my rent increase exactly 60 days before my lease is up, so if I spent more than 24 hours deciding what I wanted to do, I'd have to sign a month-to-month lease, to the tune of $300 more than my current rate.

    So my plan is to stick around for another year, and give my intent to vacate sometime in April. I made a New Years Resolution this year to be out of my job by the time my lease came up so I knew whether or not I'd have to be on the Metro, etc. and I didn't get it. Now I have one more year. This 60-day notice thing really does get under my skin though. I feel like even though I got them to go down on the increase, they still stuck it to me in the end.

  • My annual review came and went. Needless to say, it was pretty much the spectacle I was anticipating. I have to respond to our meeting on the form before we submit it to HR. I'm torn whether I should put in writing some of the more insulting and wildy inappropriate things he said to me, or whether I should just let it go, be happy that I still get a paycheck and not rock the boat. My previous boss got fired when talked to HR about the kinds of problems my current boss causes in the workplace. I've been sending out resumes for an entire year and gotten little to no response. I'm not sure if I can risk talking to human resources about how this guy behaves.

  • So, I guess the easy things got solved to good ends, but the hard things remain hard. 50/50: This glass is half-full.

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