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Jersey Shore on the Left Side

The Santa Monica Pier reminded me of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk (for those of you who that analogy makes sense to). Sides lined with stands selling beach staples such as pooka-shell necklaces, those absurd puffy Dr. Seuss top hats, tye dyes, psychic readings and bikinis. There was even a huge arcade, complete with the oldskool video game section and one of those flash-gun rifle shooting ranges that when you hit the little red targets on the objects in the shooting range, the kettle whistles or the light changes or something else happens. I have very fond memories of this game, and ran to it as soon as I saw it, hitting my mark almost every time. It was a homecoming.

At the end of the pier was another Mexican restaurant that had an upstairs patio bar that would be perfect for sitting and sipping a margarita while watching the sun set, which was due to happen in about fifteen minutes. If I had anything in mind that I was determined to do while out on the West Coast, it was to see the sun set over the ocean. It was everything I imagined it would be.

After the sunset and the margaritas, we headed back through the outdoor mall, which was now lined with street musicians. Everything from twelve-year-old guitar players to Christian gospel singers (complete with hands-raised, eyes-closed onlookers) to breakdancers to a mariachi band was there. We wove our way through the crowds at the mall and headed back to the apartment to get changed and go out drinking. We went to Hermosa Beach, just south of Manhattan Beach, which according to the drunk woman who was talking to me at the jukebox later that night, was at one time the Hippie epicenter of Southern California. The “cool” bars had lines to get in, so we decided to go to a dive bar just off the beaten path which proved to be a much better time.

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