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As requested...

Aaah, the stall with a view.

The ladies' bathroom in the hotel bar at the top of the building has two stalls. This bathroom is no exception, but rather the exemplification of the Handicapped-Stuff-Is-Better Rule (Handicapped spaces are in the best spots, handicapped drinking fountains are the cleanest, handicapped gambling tables always have the best luck, etc.). This is not only the best bathroom on the face of the earth, it is also the best handicapped stall as well.

As you open the door to the stall, rather than being faced with the mere boredom of a bathroom stall, you are presented with the Pacific Ocean. There is a huge picture window taking up the entire wall to the right of the toilet. The bathroom is on the 20-something-th floor, so drop those fears of being seen right now. Imagine yourself upon this magnificent throne, gazing upon the sea, chin on your fist like some great sculpture.

Someone could get a lot of thinking done up there. George Costanza would be proud.

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