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False Starts

Okay: so far I have started and deleted three entry ideas today.

The first was about how if we can have no-smoking sections in restaurants and pet-free apartment buildings, why can't we have no-children sections in restaurants and child-free living quarters, and then liken children to cigarettes and dogs and smelly noisy things that disturb me while I'm trying to live my life, but how I can't blame the cigarette, the dog, or the child, since these things are all the fault of the owner/user. As much as that screaming child made my ears ring yesterday, it wasn't his idea to go to the mall. But I thought that would reflect negatively on me and was bound for tangents.

Then I was thinking about how I was watching a show on Shark Week about how when you dick with the ecosystem that the sharks are an important part of, repercussions you may not expect can happen. They talked about this place in Brazil where they burned down some mango forest that bull sharks were using for a breeding ground. So the sharks moved downshore to what happens to be a popular public beach point and started eating surfers. To me this rang all too clear of the smoking ban in NYC, and how the neighbors are bitching about people smoking in the streets now that the smokers have been pushed out of the bars. Dick with the ecosystem...presto. New problem. But I figured I've weighed in on the smoking ban plenty by now and also didn't have the energy to find the site about that shark show.

The other thing the shark show was talking about with the whole ecosystem messup and the resulting shark attacks was how as a result of the uprooted sharks tended to attack more surfers than any other bather, the local government of this Brazilian town banned surfing on the beach. People still surfed there, and then would get their surfboards confiscated when caught. The whole point that surfing isn't the problem but a symptom of the burned mango farm and the resulting shark attacks made me think of music downloading and how the downloading isn't the problem, but a symptom of the insufficient music distribution system and the resulting crappy music store/radio selections.

Maybe that was the one to go with. Time for lunch.

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