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Expanding fan base

Gamer sent me an email the other day pointing out a very familiar-sounding passage from Jay Nordlinger's column in last week's National Review:

I then found myself talking to a distinguished critic of the (aforementioned) International Herald Tribune. In the course of an intermission conversation, he let drop, "I hate George Bush." Now, he knew nothing of my politics — he just knew me as a fellow critic. And yet he felt free to say, "I hate George Bush" — as casually as he would have said, "Hot here, huh?"

I myself can't imagine telling a near stranger, "I love George Bush" (although I do, most of the time). I mean, it's just a social impossibility: How could you impose so strong an opinion, not knowing the views and sensitivities of the other person? But this fellow probably assumed that we thought alike — were in the same caste. And note that word "hate": not disagree with, or didn't vote for, but hate. A rather startling word, and emotion. And this was no flaming bohemian, but a solid Midwestern man.

Then, this morning, I was catching up on last week's Ann Coulter, and again, words came across my screen that I could swear that I've seen before...or at least something like it:

You don't go around calling yourself a Republican in Hollywood to win admiring glances from studio executives. To take a page from the gays' handbook: "Who would choose this lifestyle? Who would choose to be persecuted, censored and ostracized?"

Man, I couldn't have said these things better myself.

Or could I have? Are known columnists reading my livejournal or am I just in the wrong line of work?
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