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Domestic Bliss

I have been in an exceptional mood since I finally warmed up on Friday night. I was convinced that my delayed yoga class, resulting missed bus, and soaking wet condition was going to ruin my entire weekend. A rescuing boyfriend, Burger King, and a big fuzzy sweatshirt later, I was back in business. I spent most of Friday night alone, however, watching Strangers With Candy and thinking about what lovely little homey thing I'd be doing the following day.

Saturday I got up fairly early, eased into the day, went food/fabric shopping, and came home and made dinner for bobwhite and g_nice. I was really proud to have done it and hoped that they really enjo

Jesus christ this is boring. I'm sorry. My mind has been consumed with cooking, yoga, learning how to sew, what to make, what to cook, and how I can fit routines into my life that will yield a cleaner apartment. I've been walking around with a dopey half smile on my face all the time. I'm not sure where this whole new coziness has come from, but I like it. And I hope this sewing thing works out; I need a hobby and the pauper in me is happy that it's a hobby that actually has some return on the investment aside from mere enjoyment.

Oh, and thanks to this new Creativity Coma, I locked my keys in my running car last night. I won't steal the story from Mickey, since he saw WAY much more comedy in it than I did. At least at the time.

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