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I have volunteered to receive the info@ emails that come to my work. Most are about viagra, in some language set that I don't have installed, or requests for money laundering through Nigeria. There have been some gems, such as the one with the subject "Japanese Girls vs. Playboy".

I thought "Ben Affleck's Bachelor Party Is Back On ! ! !" was the best one I had gotten:
HOLLYWOOD-Ben Affleck's bachelor party with his hometown Boston buddies was recently canceled after his fiancé Jennifer Lopez threw an angry fit. It now appears to be back on, courtesy of his buddies who entered Affleck into! The reality-based Adult website is becoming increasingly famous for sending drawing-contest winners to Sin City for fantasy weekends which combine gambling, strippers, booze and other party favors…all of which seem to be some of Affleck's bigger demons. ... "I know a lot of people out there think J-lo's a mean spirited, no-talent-ass clown. I personally think she's one of the top 10% female Puerto Rican entertainers living in Los Angeles. I just hope that she can grow up and let her future exhusband off his short leash for one last night of freedom!" quipped Mahoney.

But today I was proven wrong. Subject: "Info, Lisa Sucks that Huge Horse Dong!"
We film all our footage in Holland. We have dozens of willing girls who just *LOVE* to go down on horses, dogs and goats! You can check us out now, for free! You watch our pics and movies for 24 hours, if you don't like it and decide to cancel within this trial period, you cost is exactly $ 0.00, no questions asked.

heeheehee. dong.

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