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frockazulu dropped Mickey and me off at BWI at around five minutes to six on Thursday morning. We had planned on being there about ten minutes earlier, but in retrospect, that wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference anyway. We waited patiently on line for the baggage check-in desk, and when we were next to be served, someone came around the corner shouting if there were any passengers left for the 6:45 to Atlanta. That was our flight, and she told us to check in quickly and she'd escort us to the front of the security line.

I've flown several times since 19 Guys Named Muhammad changed the way airports work. I have NEVER seen a security line as long as the one at BWI on Thursday morning. Ever. But thanks to our tardiness, and surely to the sneer of the other passengers (as I probably would have sneered at me right then) we were whisked to the front, pushed through the metal detectors and speedwalked to the gate only to wait around to start boarding.

What came next was a blur of uncomfortable sleep, yummy ginger cookies, a Popeye-licious Atlanta layover, and more uncomfortable sleep. Eight life hours later, we landed in Las Vegas. We called vivisectandrew and wrongwayjohn, who had arrived earlier, and rock_god and sirrani who had yet to land.

Heading towards the baggage claim carousel, Mickey leans over to me and chuckles, "That sign said 'Polkapalooza'". I couldn't believe my ears.

"Are you sure? It really said that?!?"


For those of you who don't remember, Polkapalooza is the name of Weird Al's concert tour.
Or, at least that's what I thought then. Looking now for a hotlink to put here, I have come to realize that Al's tour was called Poodle Hat.
So I went over to the suited limo driver holding the Polkapalooza sign and waited. I asked the driver if it was "really him" and he shrugged and said he had no idea who he was picking up. So I shared my then-gospel misinformation with him and waited some more. About 5 or so minutes later, a skinny man with 80's-buttcutt style hair and a very tame shirt approached with his wife. He walked up to the limo driver and said "ok, this is us". I looked around for the rest of the entourage, but there was no one.

Accepting my disappointment, I said to the skinny guy, "you tricked me". He was confused and asked what I meant. I repeated my theory and told him I was waiting for Weird Al. He offered to autograph something for me, but said that I probably didn't know who he was.

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