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Party of 1600?

Once at the hotel, we communicated again with Andy and Michelle who were threatening to consume body parts if we didn't eat lunch soon. Carla and Keith still hadn't landed, so the eating machines had to be subdued. Mr. and Mrs. Rock_God called about a half hour later to say they were at the airport, giving us just enough time to decompress and refresh from our flight.

When they got upstairs, we called Andy and Michelle who were hanging out next door at the Luxor and said we were ready to entertain lunch location ideas. Andy wanted to go to the In and Out Burger, and Michelle said she didn't care but that we had to eat soon because she was starving and beginning to get cranky. I suggested we meet downstairs and choose one of the restaurants when we got there, but Michelle's foot came down: either we cab to the In and Out or we go to the sushi bar they found in the Luxor.

Now, most of you know how I feel about sushi, and added to a similar sense of meh towards the sushi idea coming from Carla, Keith and Mick, we suggested that Andy and Michelle go to the sushi bar and since there was less urgency on our end, we'd take our time and figure out what we wanted.

$9.99 later, we were at the Roundtable Buffet at the Excalibur. As we walked down the fifty-foot steamer line, I piled my plate high with salad, pot roast, rice, beef stroganoff, the works. Then we turned the corner. To both my shock and surprise, there were *four* more food stations to partake of. Chinese food. Mexican food. Desserts. Breakfast food. It just went on and on. There were also two of each line. We had laughed as we came in about the "Maximum Capacity 1594" sign, but it all started to make sense.

We ate ourselves crippled and headed down to the casino floor for a bit of gameplay before we had to get ready for the wedding. I was tableshy at the beginning, worried that I'd blow a whole bunch of money and set a negative tone for the trip. So instead of playing blackjack, I dumped $15 into video poker.

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