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I always hated the term "Pet Peeve". I guess it's a Pet Peeve of mine

Peeve #875:

Do NOT bicker with the cashier over the price of something. Odds are they are not the owner, they do not control the pricing, they just ring you up for an hourly wage. They do not earn enough to put up with you. This morning at the deli was a fine example:

Scene: New York Gourmet Deli, 21st and I Streets, Washington DC

GUY: Guy in line behind me
CASHIER: The Cashier
MEGAN: Our heroine

CASHIER at her post. Enter to her GUY.
GUY: I got a couple-a eggs, sunny side up.
CASHIER begins transaction
GUY: No, no, no, wait. I'm not done yet. I got a couple-a eggs. That'll be about a dollar-fifty, right?
CASHIER: No, two-fifteen.
GUY: Now, that doesn't seem right. A couple-a eggs is about a dollar-fifty.
CASHIER holds up pricing menu
CASHIER: Two-fifteen.
GUY: Now, what makes you think that's right?
MEGAN collects fork and napkins from condiment bar, rolls eyes at GUY and leaves before she says something she shouldn't.


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