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I'd like to make a clever post that will fill all of you with equally clever comment inspiration; however, I got nuthin.

I'm looking forward to Christmas.
I'm looking forward to going to New Hope.
I like the book I'm reading.
I got off a stop early on the Metro and it was a far more pleasant station-leaving-experience, let alone a better walk. On nice days, I will make a habit of repeating this.
I posted my meat loaf recipe in atkins_recipes if anybody's interested.
I went to bed early last night and woke up fresh as a daisy.
I have already drank 1 1/2 Summer Funs full of water today.
I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving.

I guess the problem is that everything is just mildly and non-specifically good. Nothing's really pissed me off enough recently to post about and I've been happily dumb enough not to think too much. Good for livin', bad for LJ.

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