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Lehigh vs. Lafayette

Top Five Reasons Why Allentown, PA is Different than Arlington, VA:

5. If one of your idiot friends decides to park his minivan in front of two cars, neither of which belongs to anyone in your friend group, blocks them in and then disappears, the owner of one of the blocked cars, upon returning in the hopes of moving out of her spot, will not immediately call the police and/or towing company.

5(a). Your idiot friend will leave his minivan unlocked but not leave the keys inside.

4. Giant isn't Giant.

3. Sneak beers into the football game? It hardly counts as sneaking when they don't even check to see if you have a bag.

2. WaWa! WaWa! WaWa!

1. Small pitcher = $3. Large pitcher = $5.

This weekend was the annual game between Gamer's alma mater, Lehigh, and their rival team, Lafayette, and I was invited to come along to the game and weekend's worth of festivities. Apart from waking up with the Death Sickness yesterday morning it was a total success.
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