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Objects In Motion Stay In Motion

Emil the Bartender once told me that cigarettes aren't necessarily stimulants, but "Inertia Sticks". His theory states that cigarettes merely prolong and exaggerate whatever state you are in; thus explaining why cigarettes smoked during periods of intense activity tend to act as stimulants, but cigarettes smoked during periods of excessive inactivity tend to act as depressants.

I credit the continuation of my Thanksgiving Weekend Lethargy to the number of cigarettes I smoked throughout. I will attribute the continuation of my nagging cold to this also.

The change in our usual Thanksgiving travel schedule allowed for a more sedentary weekend than years previous. This year we left Tuesday night and returned on Saturday: leaving Wednesday for errand running, a leisurely Thanksgiving Thursday morning wakeup, a commitment-free Friday, and a relaxing Sunday at home to recover from the traffic massacre on Saturday. It's a different kind of relaxation at mom's house than at my own--when I'm at mom's sitting around watching bad movies on USA, I'm not looking at my dirty kitchen or my disorganized closet, and even when those stresses do cross my mind, I can't do anything about them, so I can truly relax. I spent nearly three whole days doing absolutely nothing while in Raleigh, but within three waking hours of being home, I started thinking about how much more effectively I could be using my time. Until I realized that watching 12 Monkeys is always an effective use of my time.

bobwhite joined us for the long weekend this year which was a bonus for everyone involved. Thanks to Bob, my mother and I managed to last the entire time without fighting, which is a 4-day first (our argument threshold is normally 47 hours to the minute); we were able to watch the Two Towers on Thanksgiving night; and an artist making a cameo appearance at the Raliegh Flea Market recouped the cost of renting a booth for the day. Bob will also be able to serve as a witness to many of the things I have waxed batshit about on numerous occasions, particularly the monument to Virginia's misallocation of transportation funds just south of Richmond on 95. And no, I'm not talking about the Stonewall Jackson Shrine.

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