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Cosby Show Trivia Poll

Thanks to a friendly wager over Cosby Show trivia last night, coldblackncold will have to watch Bend it Like Beckham with me. The consequence of my loss was not decided. I offered for him to choose a movie that he's wanted to see but I've vetoed. He couldn't come up with one (am I the best girlfriend ever or what?)

I wanted to leave the bet open-ended until after I was able to poll the audience, but curiousity and, I guess subconscious desire to watch a movie about British girls playing soccer drove Mickey to consult the internet and prove me right last night. In all fairness (and due particularly to a technicality), I wasn't entirely right, but I was crowned righter.

Poll #214931 Would you have had to watch Bend it Like Beckham?

What is the plot of the first Cosby Show Episode?

Theo complains of parental opression; Huxtable family transforms house into "The Real World Apartments"; hilarity ensues
Rudy's goldfish Lamont dies; Huxtable family conducts formal funeral service in upstairs bathroom; hilarity ensues

Other guesses? Am I tricking you?


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