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Snow Thwarts Virginia!

The Party on Saturday was so good I had to leave my car there overnight. It was a decision that had its consequences: even though my safety and emissions inspection was due in November, I have yet to get this taken care of. When I was driving to every gas and/or service station on the Saturday before Thanksgiving trying to get my inspection, I found out that VA State Inspection people, like me, work from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday, and until noon on Saturday. While catering to people who do not work regular jobs seems like a bad business plan to me, who am I to judge the decisions of the state, right? So thanks to inclement weather, trips to North Carolina, and other Saturday morning business, my car wears an outdated sticker in a county that is known for ticketing.

Aaah, but I retrieved my car yesterday it was ticketless, thanks to a 1-3 inch sticker-covering blanket of snow. Mej: 1, Virginia: 0.

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