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Let's talk LOTR, why not?

Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers!

Okay, so I love my girl Eowyn, and I knew since we first saw her in Two Towers that she was going to do some major ass kicking in Return of the King. However, her Oscar-clip line, "I am no man" seemed a little...modern to me. Was that in the book? I have heard the moanings that they empowered Arwen too much for the movies; is this another case of Affirmitve Action, if you will?

What happened with Merry? The whole Pip abandonment seemed a little jarring. Was there something that may be included in the extended edition that may explain this better?

What happens with the Ents? Do they just hang in Isengard from now on? Did Gandalf talk to Treebeard more in the book to discuss what they should do?

Anybody else notice that the adorable brown-haired big brown eyed hobbit girl from the fireworks scene in Fellowship also happens to live in Minas Tirith?

Oh, and Eomer is kinda hot.

More questions to come upon second viewing, I'm sure.

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