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Sociology in Action

Our evening at Ballston Mall also provided a nice field study on the Stupidity of the Public.

1) At Chick-Fil-A: Crowd of people standing around counter. Some waiting for their placed orders, others waiting to place orders. Cashier announces, "Next Customer Please!" A girl near the front of the crowd wearing an idiotic Strange Brew-esque hat, stares blankly with her mouth open. Another woman, also standing near the front of the crowd looks around, and then replies, "I'll take a number one with diet coke." Hoser girl stands there open-mouthed a few moments longer, looks around and then says to her similarly stupidly dressed boyfriend, "hey, I was next."

2) Wating outside of the movie theater: 50-deep line of people stand under a handwritten sign that says "8:30". At least five new people wander up to the line and say, "is this for Lord of the Rings?" Nope. We're all waiting to see the 8:30 showing of Honey.

3) Waiting for the film to begin: They let the waiting crowd into the theater at 7:55 for the 8:30 showing. Mick and I got the best seats in the house (the handicapped seats at the bottom of the stadium rows) and watched as people started filling in. For what may be the most anticipated movie of the year, a whole lot of people didn't think getting there earlier than 8:20 was necessary for the second day of its release. More open-mouthed staring ensued as people stood looking at the filled seats. Then two jarheads came in and one was trying to convince the other that yes, the seats that had coats on them were in fact taken.

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