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Christmas Tidbits

Among the bigger-ticket items of my Christmas Score this year was a feather bed (one of those down pads that go between your fitted sheet and the mattress). I have achieved a new level of sleep. I installed the feather bed Saturday afternoon, snuggled into it on Saturday night, and woke up at ONE THIRTY on Sunday afternoon. Feather bed feels like college.

It has been a family tradition since I can remember to go out to dinner on Christmas Eve. Who needs to cook two huge dinners in a row, right? This tradition, however, tends to leave us with few restaurant options; most places that are open on Christmas Eve are either super-swanky or ethnic, and then of course was that year when we didn't have reservations and our go-to Chinese place had closed down so we literally had a Waffle House Christmas. Inspiration struck this year and we decided to go to a Japanese Steak/Hibachi place. Even though the lady answering the phone when I called ahead could not fathom why I was asking if they would be open all day on the 24th, there was a line out the door shortly after we sat down. Han, our chef, was fantastic: he flipped an egg up in the air and caught it in his hat, shot shrimp tails at the three waitresses chatting by the drink stand, and fired five bits of chicken in a row straight into Gamer's mouth.

My mom got Mickey a Target gift card for Christmas, which was both very sweet and very unexpected. She included the gift receipt in the envelope, in case, I guess, he wanted to return it for store credit or something.

This year, we did a family wish list, where everyone filled out a piece of paper with about 10 slots on it, each for different price ranges. In two of my slots, I put "Funky Necklaces" and "Stylish Wristwatches", thinking not only were these easy presents to get, but they would allow the giver to put a little of themselves into it. I got but one necklace and one watch, both from my mom (and a gift cert from Jenn to go to a bead place and make some). When I opened them, a few people said, "I saw those on your list, but I didn't know what a Funky Necklace is?! And what is a Stylish Wristwatch?"

Opening turkishturki's gift, I saw the Strangers With Candy logo at the top of the box. I snorted, and whined, "duuuuuuude, you got this for my birrrrthdaaay" as if he were the stupidest motherfucker in the world. "Keep. Unwrapping. Idiot." he said. Season two. heh. Who stupid now?

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