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Four Days into 2004

New Years Eve and 2003 Reflection Posts to come. In the meantime...

I got a speeding ticket this morning. I got caught at the bottom of an on-ramp while trying to pass a van so I could get into the right lane for my turnoff. Two cops were standing on the road picking people off with their radar guns and quite unironically pulled me over beneath the first speed limit sign on the new road. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't do anything wrong; I just didn't have enough time to get from highway speed to road speed. He got me for 64 in a 45 and said one more mile would have been reckless. He also didn't notice my expired inspection.

This is my first speeding ticket since 1997, and even that one was taken off my record. I guess everyone has to pull the black marble once or twice. There are police officers out there helping people, saving lives, and doing good work. There are cops out there like this guy trapping people for greed and money. But I know and I can take relaxing solace knowing that this guy will get his.

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