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New Years Eve Weekend, Pt. 4

At least it can be said that I finish what I start.

After the diner, we walked down to the Village to meet up with the friends we had been planning to meet throughout the day. We went to a bar on their street that they said was pretty new and had a nice feel. It did, but something was weird. It was really...bright in there and very...quiet. It seemed like we were someplace we weren't supposed to be drinking we were in someone's living room where we weren't welcome.

And that about sums up my first experience in a Smoke Free NYC. Forget all of the insanity of the people who bitched about smoky bars becoming the same people who bitch about smoky streets; how the people who concocted this said they're doing it for the benefit of the workers but those same people could give shit less about the workers when the bars shut down. Forget all the stuff about the bars losing money because people are walking out on checks when bartenders think they're going for a smoke, or people who go for smokes come back to find their drinks thrown away and seats taken. Smoke Free bars make you feel like an intruder.

Thankfully the place had a fun bartender to chat with, sparkling restrooms, and mind-blowing crab bisque. The drinks hit our hung-over bodies fast, and after a late bite at a Mexican joint, we went back to the hotel. I guess you could say we got our money's worth out of it what with all of the sleeping that got done.

Friday's ride home was as relaxing as the ride down. Longer, but enjoyable. And there was WaWa also.

And now, newer, more timely posts!

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