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The Frozen Globes, Pt. 3

This Frozen Globe is such an honor that it deserves its own post:

Even though I didn't bother showing up to work until 9:30, I was the first non-executive person in the office today, and remained the only one for about two hours. I was asked to help "watch the phones", even though I help watch the phones every day and really, with no one else here willing to answer them, who was I helping? For some reason, the absence of other cube farmers warped the office atmosphere back to 1963. Late-nominee Marketing Lady made a fine showing when she casually asked me to brew a new pot of coffee for her, but the winner blew the critics so far away there really was no contest.

For Most Blatant Flexing of Company Stature:
Editor Lady!

While four lines are ringing and I have to go over to Marketing Lady's office to ask a stupid question that I wouldn't have had to ask if people bothered to post important information (ahem!), Editor Lady calls out for me on my way past her office. I tell her that I'll be with her as soon as I'm done with the person on hold. Another line rings as I'm hanging up, and I have to walk to yet another desk to take care of this one. I spot Editor Lady on my way over and apologize to her but promise I'll help her as soon as I can. She says, "No problem, Megan. I got my own water."

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