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The Frozen Globes, Pt. 4

And now, a special Frozen Globe just for me:

Next month, we're moving to a building not far from here that has a Golds Gym in it. We will be getting a corporate membership and all that jazz, which is exciting. What's *most* exciting is the prospect of lunch-hour workouts. Not only will these allow me to attend happy hours again without the impending guilt of having skipped the gym, but even allow for more workout time per week. I went in to do the standard issue tour on Friday, and they gave me a week-long trial pass. Luck is on my side: there are classes every day at lunchtime that I'd like to take, starting with today's 12:15 Body Sculpting class. Even though I am the person most willing to answer and handle telephone calls at work today, I decided that everyone elses' abscence was not my fault and that I would go to class as planned. I left at noon, announcing that I'd be back at around 1:30. I rushed to the gym, got changed, and ran up the three flights of stairs to the group fitness room. Nobody was there by 12:13, so I went down and asked if class was still on. They said the instructor had just arrived and would be there shortly. At around 12:15, someone else came, showed me what I needed for class and then went for a row. At 12:20, I got up and started to leave. The other person said, "you know this class starts at 12:30, right?"

For Worst Effort at Basic Reading Fundamentals:

Yes, yes. 12:30 indeed. I was pretty pissed off that they printed the schedule wrong. I was more pissed that I got all the way out there and changed and wasn't going to get to work out. I'm the most pissed for the same reason that I'm pissed about the Unscheduled Leave day: if the class had been straight-up cancelled, I wouldn't be sitting here questioning my decision to leave. Yes, an hour and a half lunch break is a long time, but I'd be staying until 6 to make up for it. But an hour and forty-five minutes is a bit much. Especially when I'm leaving everyone high and dry in the office. But I was gone that long, but I did still beat everyone else into work today. I continued to blame stupid Golds Gym and the stupid who did the schedule, even while the schedule was in my hand and I was moaning my plight to my co-worker. There it was, right there on the schedule. 12:30.

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