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Poll #240166 What's Your Gym Like?

How many classes do they have a week?

Less than 5
Over 20

During peak times, do you have to wait for equipment?

Sometimes, but only for a few minutes
Sometimes, but upwards of 20 minutes
All the time

What sort of amenities do they have?

Which gym do you belong to? (brand name sufficient)

How much do you pay?

Over $70

So we're moving offices next month into a building with a Golds Gym in it. We're ironing out the details of getting a corporate membership, but in the meantime they're letting us use these weekly pass things. The corporate membership will be between 10 and 20 cheaper than my gym now, but the chief benefit of having an in-building gym is that I can go during lunch, and can once again go out to dinners/happy hours without guilt.

I tried out my new lunchtime routine today for the first time. After the class, I couldn't find the shower towels, so I went up and asked at the desk for them. The manager blankly told me that they were out. I gave them the old "this must be some sort of gym humour" line and they said they weren't kidding, so I had to take like a dozen of the little sweat towels.

As I was leaving, I asked the lady behind the desk whether this towel outage happens frequently and she said that it happens rarely if ever, and blamed it on the snow. I said that I wanted to check since it was something to factor in when considering a new gym, and she informs me that had they had shower towels available, it would have cost me $1 to use one.

I thought my gym was ghetto. And even when they piss and moan about droughts and how we should "limit towel use", they never charge us for them. They also have shampoo, conditioner, soap, mouthwash, deoderant, hairspray and q-tips for us to use. The Golds had "Body/Hair Wash".

The difference in dues can get made up real fast with towel rentals. And yes, I *can* bring a towel with me, but I really don't want nor think I should have to lug more crap around on the metro.

The new office will have a shower in it. I ran the idea of using it past the office manager, and she said, "well, I'm not sure if that's going to become the "Executive Shower", ifyaknowaddImean." Indeed.

I'm stumped. But I wanted to see what the rest of your situations were like before I decide.

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