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The Generation Gap

My duties during my trip to Chicago last week comprised of preparing and distributing seminar materials, sitting around, asking if people needed help with stuff, cleaning up, and then doing it all over again on Thursday. I was allowed to listen in on the seminars and did so more on the first day than the second (anyone who knows how well me and math get along knows about how long I can follow a course called Scrutinizing Financial Statements).

After lunch, I was sitting near the window listening to the seminar wondering to myself how they managed to get everyone's attention back after the break when I glanced out the window and noticed some of the students from the art college across the street out for a smoke. I watched them posture with one another, laugh, give piggy backs, the works.

Then, about five of them moved from the doorway of the school to the garage door a mere three feet to the right. One reached into the front pocket of his hoodie, pulled out a cigarette and handed it to another student. She lit it and then passed it to another, who took a drag of it while suspiciously holding it with her hand covering the top of the cigarette, and passed it to another student.

Instinctually, I looked around the room I was in, and of course, I was the only person not tuned in to the day's discussion. I turned back to the show outside and watched in awe as they finished the joint. My jaw dropped when after they finished the first joint, the kid with the hoodie pulled out another one and fired away. And when that one was done, they went for a third.

I could not believe my eyes. The balls on those kids, not only smoking pot in public, but smoking THREE JOINTS ON THE SIDWALK AT NOON ON A WEDNESDAY.

The tragedy of the situation was that I was in a room full of coroporate executives eager to learn about the effects of recent legislation on their roles as directors. Nobody in that room would have been remotely interested in finding out about let alone watching a bunch of art kids smoking grass on the street.

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