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Mind over Matter

All I can think about lately for more than a few minutes is stuff that bugs me. One of those things is when people say "EEEW! I'm eating over here!" when someone else in the room is discussing something unpleasant.

For example, CoWorker A and I were discussing how newborn babies poop a lot, and CoWorker B says "EEEW! I'm eating over here!" CoWorker B was eating a slice of very delicious cake. Either this means her brain is so advanced or she is so simpleminded that at the mere mention of baby poo, delicious cake begins to taste, feel, smell, etc. like baby poo. Does this mean that if she was eating baby poo and someone talked about delicious cake, would baby poo taste like delicious cake?

This also applies to "ugh, not while I'm eating!" or "glad we didn't talk about that over lunch!" or "something else really dumb".

Oh, and it's almost tourist season.
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