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Maybe R needs to be Over 21

While watching Dawn of the Dead this weekend, I was stricken with a thought more terrifying than any movie. Mickey, Gamer, and I sat in what we were beginning to believe was the refuge movie theater: inaccessible by metro, and located in a very "grown up" part of town. Perhaps, we hoped, this was the place we could watch a movie on a Saturday night without the "High School Factor". Spiderman was ruined. Terminator 3 was ruined. Hell, unsupervised children ruined The Green Mile. All I can think is that their daily ritual of sitting in neat rows staring mindlessly at one point of focus may condition them to behave as though they were in a call-and-response classroom setting.

When the theater went black at 9:10 as scheduled, the theater was half-empty. By 9:25 class was dismissed, and the children had arrived. When the film started 5 minutes later, they were in full force, each one fancying themselves a sharper version of Tom Servo.

The fear hit when between outbursts, I realized these kids were laughing. Is it because they know no real fear that any surge of emotion in need of release is interpreted as a joke, or are they putting on a bravado show for their peers? Laughing at decapitations. Laughing at grief and misery and danger. What happens then, when real terror hits us? Will America's Future laugh and make some snappy remark in the face of tragedy? Will our Doomsday be the next Dude, Where's My Car?

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