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Bitch and you shall receive

I found a product so beneficial to my live as a whole and so wonderful in every way that I went to the company's website and told them how much I love it. I figure I complain enough, particularly to those whose job it is to do things and make things that are for my benefit, (i.e., at restaurants, framing shops, people who try to cock me around on ebay, that fucking metermaid, etc.) and I'm sure I have eaten my literal and figurative share of lougies as a result. Enough of the jive. Tonight was about spreading the love.

Complaining and complaints have been a theme today. I was engaged in two separate conversations about the same subject, both of which I told to the other person that I was pleased to be out of the Customer Service field, as I am tired of hearing other people complain (maybe why I'm so willing to inflict the pain I know so well on others). There has also been a recent phenomenon in which once I complain about something to a friend or in this forum, within hours, I am approached with some positive news or comfort about the offending issue. Maybe it's karma, maybe someone is watching over me. Maybe I should start complaining about how those a-holes in my parking lot who think their '97 Civic is such a precious ride that they need to straddle two spaces.

But if this trend continues, there will be a whole lotta bitchin' goin' on.

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