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This is why HBO is a pay channel

Television Without Pity is more than just a website. It is the saviour of my workday, a friend, a companion, and the inspiration for many naughty thoughts about CT. TVWoP prints recaps of the shows and provides message boards to discuss them with other viewers. The three shows a week I watch regularly I read regularly: The Real World, The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and The Sopranos; and thanks to TVWoP, I can re-watch and digest those shows until they air again.

I can handle banality and stupidity when it comes to the Real World or RR/RW Challenge. Fine. However, every Monday morning, I have a lapse in judgment and despite the previous week's vow never to do so again, I read the message boards for that week's Sopranos. In doing so, I have started the last five weeks of my life at least five IQ points lower. I retaliate the only way my now diminished brain can, I make fun of the posters. Gamer and I have started a tradition of mocking the dumbery. Let's just have a peek at some of this week's gems, shall we?

Just Plain Duh: AND i thought Tony was gonna find a bug (the FBI kind) when he was stroking Ade's hair in the hospital.

omigodstreamofconsciousnessIjustcan'tkeepitallin: I agree with all of you, amazing episode. This season is really impressive. A lot of out of the blue, yet believable stuff. I can't remember the last time we saw Tony do coke, have we at all? Cancer for T now? Oh crap. Glad I wasn't the only one screaming Nooooooo when T and Ade almost kissed. Bad kids! I think Christopher and Tony's trust is really broken too, I don't see how they can really ever be the same, or at least for a really long time. Especially since it looks like Christopher is nursing the bottle again.

Hi, I just tuned in last night: I didn't think so. I thought something more along the lines of "That's a whole lot of unnecessary lying, when 'We haven't talked in a while' would have been much better." I wonder if that little story might give away Ade in the end. -actually, no, it won't. For all intents and purposes, "Danielle" is dead. Dumbshit.

I thought Carmela was very Hillary Clinton tonight, standing by her man. -Just. Don't. Go. There.

If anyone's been to Dover DE - it really doesn't look like that. It's chicken-farm country and very flat. Upstate though, near Wilmington, you get the windy roads with random animals crossing. -Even if you didn't know there is a Dover, NJ, based on where most of the show takes place, it's fairly safe to assume they weren't going to Delaware.

Wow. Me see metaphor. Me deep: And had the raccoon or squirrel or whatever not intervened, I believe they would have been heading toward to point of no return as they headed down that dark highway. - [Gamer: that's true. They were going to Dover.]

From the I-failed-Psych-101 Files: This may be obvious to everyone but me, but why would Carmela go to dinner at the end? I really don't think it's in character with how she's been acting since the split. Please, someone enlighten me!

and: I really don't understand why Ade would even want to hook up with Tony. After all, she always says how much she loves Christopher. Have we ever even seen her tempted to cheat on him before? I just don't get why she would even go there considering that tony & carmela are family. Did I miss something? [Gamer: Yes, honey. Yes you did.]

I just can't help but talk about Iraq! Look how smart I am! Check my clever juxtaposition the Mafia and the Shrub Regime! Also, I absolutely loved the cut from the horriffic beating scene to AJ lounging on the couch watching Ultimate Fighting, not to mention Chrissy's whole-hearted embrace of the New American Empire. Between that and Frankie Valli's mention of the cakewalk victory over Johnny Sack and the liberated Brooklynites welcoming them as heroes, it's almost as if someone involved with this show may not be saluting quite as sharply as the Patriot Act mandates.

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