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Rude rude rude.

I have no patience for rudeness today. There's a little iddy biddy part of me that entertains the idea of having children merely to use them as tools to insult the rude public. I would inflate the ego of my offspring by comparing them to the drooling masses around me. "Look at how smart you are, Baby. That grownup over there doesn't know how to wait their turn and you do! Isn't it sad to see a grownup who didn't get to go to preschool like you did? You don't want to be like one of those grownups who don't know how to use their manners, do you? It's very ugly."

I'm stricken with horror over how willing most people are to enable rudeness, and not just on the highway. For example: my morning shuttle bus can hold up to 5 extra people standing in the aisle after the seats are full, but only up to 5. Not six. Four is okay. Now, I've been looking through my entries for the past hour to find the story of that Troll Girl who whines about how the shuttle driver is punishing her specifically for not letting her be the 6th person, but I guess I've only relayed that one in conversation. Anyway, The Obnoixious Asian Lady (you know, the one who hasn't gotten the whole exit-the-shuttle-in-an-orderly-fashion thing down, choosing instead to mow everyone over) this morning decided that she wasn't going to wait on line but stand next to the line and sneak in. There were already more

This is dumb and going nowhere. Basically, OAL put up the No-English defense to the equally ESL driver's instruction for her to get off the bus, and just when I thought he was getting somewhere, the girl behind OAL volunteered to wait for the next bus instead, which was even more infuriating. Probably the only funny point left in this story is that the shuttle bus driver's name is Abraham. I need to start working on crosswords again or something. I can't get a story out to save my life. Brain=mush.

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