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For a break from W Jumpin' Oldies, I have been listening to Your At Work Station in the morning recently after discovering that it too comes in clearly in my Eastern Bloc bunker of an apartment.

It has been a refreshing change, as I have grown weary of the Oldies Channel's Perk-ya-up Morning team, what with the day-old rehashing of Yahoo!s "Oddly Enough" page, the weekly visits from the pet psychic and the daily open forum for the unwashed masses to voice their misinformation. What's worse, "Murphy" seems to have gone to the Cackling Hyena School of Broadcasting, and they keep knocking on Ira Melman, the only human being worth a damn over there.

I grew up under the misconception that Morning DJ's were very clever, witty people with impeccable comedic timing. How else could they bang out their best joke of the segment right before commercial or the weather? The DJmatics on the At Work Station have made me very much aware of the power of rehearsals and a team of writers. Yes, some bits have been genuinely funny, such as last week's Steakhouse-or-Gaybar game, but most have been as transparently rehearsed as a 2nd grade play.

Take today's example: the traffic/weather/news/gossip girl broke a story that I can't seem to find a link to back up, that the fellow who dressed as a cowboy for the band The Village People has gotten married. While I'd like to think the traffic/weather/news/gossip girl is a quick thinker with a well thought out joke loaded on the tip of her clever tongue, when she commented "what do the Village People dance to at their wedding? Do they play the YMCA? Do they perform?" I felt like I was watching a Drew Carey Show rerun. But unlike the Drew Cary show, I actually laughed.

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