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Steakhouse? Gay Bar.

The answers for yesterday's poll are behind the cut below. The scores have been tallied, and it's a three-way (uh, huhuhuhuhuhuh) tie between htothem, sonicblue and mac. While HM got a 9 out of 11 and Eliott and Leanne both got 7's, HM was privvy to some advance information of precicely 2 establishments while the poll was being created, so credit for the second placers is due. If anybody who hasn't played still wants to, the poll is open.

JR's/Santa Fe Patio: Gay Bar.
JR's and Santa Fe Patio is one of Houston's most popular gay hangouts. The men stampede JR's, while the women lounge at Santa Fe Patio, where karaoke Sundays are always a favorite.

The Oak Room Piano Lounge:Gay Bar
Bar/Club Gay/lesbian, Live music, Lounge, Piano bar

Stockyard: Steakhouse
Restaurant American, Bar, Steakhouse

Full Moon Saloon: Gay Bar
On Mondays, professionals of the hospitality industry get discounted drinks; on Tuesday's "pierced and pricked" night, those sporting tattoos and unique body piercings get the price cuts; Wednesdays offer specials to those in Western wear; and those wearing latex and/or leather on Thursdays receive the nightly specials. Then with Friday's "bear's night out," Saturday's "Men, men, and more men" evening, and Sunday's famous "T" party, it's no wonder this place is always jumping.

The Tropicana - Steakhouse
The restaurant, which also doubles as a boisterous and happening lounge, features an ambitious and eclectic menu. The guys in the mob may not have dined on veal cheeks coq au vin, Mambo caldo soup and filet mignon, but diners of today can.

The Hobnob: Steakhouse</a>
A combination of professional service, classy décor of the Golden Age and classic steakhouse cuisine makes this a place where families gather for almost any special occasion. Several dining areas accommodate to the well-dressed who sometimes drive in from Chicago or Milwaukee to taste the Hobnob?s perfectly prepared steaks, seafood and house specialties like roast duckling and calf?s liver.

Ree's of KC: Gay Bar
If you've never seen drag queens perform traditional Latin music, complete with lip-synching in Spanish, then Latin Night on Tuesday nights will knock your socks off. Stay after the great drag show, when the dance floor opens up and you can shake your own groove thing to hot salsa beats. If you wondered where all the gay Latin men in Kansas City were, they're at Ree's, having cocktails and showing us all how to do the merengue.

Pal's Cabin: Steakhouse
They're not joking about the whole "cabin" thing. Pals is a respectable-looking place today, but when it was founded in 1932 by two pals (is it starting to make sense?) trying to eat during the Depression, it was very much a cabin.

The traditional Brazilian open-flame steakhouse, churrascaria, started with gauchos, or cowboys, who roasted their meats all day on skewers while they worked.

Perhaps partial credit is due for this one--M and M Club:Steakhouse

What began as a modest menu as a draw to the mostly gay and lesbian crowd that frequented the M & M Club has become one of downtown?s most popular spots for fish fry or a quick lunch. Owner Bob Schmidt has cornered the market on good bar food in the Historic Third Ward, inside this former Pabst Brewing Company Saloon & Boarding House built in 1904. Since its remodeling in 1987, folks flock to the joint for low-priced sandwiches like the Monte Cristo and Crab Melt Supreme, as well as dinner items like New York Strip steak and homemade manicotti. Most popular is the club?s Friday fish fry, which pairs crisp battered cod or perch with equally crunchy fries and creamy coleslaw.

The triple-entendre award goes to...
Bullfishes: Gay Bar

Girls just wanna have fun, and this is the place for it in Cincinnati. Located in Cincinnati's hip Northside neighborhood, this gay/lesbian bar features a wealth of entertainment every night of the week. Euchre tournaments, billiards and live music are staples at this joint. But you'll find that the place really gets going during the highly entertaining rounds of karaoke, as well as an occasional drag show.

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