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Modern Girls Guide to Bullshit

I'm watching The Modern Girls Guide To Life on the Style Network . They just got finished with a segment about hwo you don't have to have read the classics to participate in a conversation about th classicss. Then they talk aabout Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice and The Oddesey. They gave a Readers Digest version of the Cliffs Notes on each, not sacrificing the opporutunity to compare The Oddesye to "The First Action-Adventure" and bladdity blah. And then they cut to a dramatsiation of what could be a Yuppie conversation about classic literuature, in which a Modern Girls Guide to Life's student says "Hamlet is a story about inerspection blah blah, which was a big departure for Shakespeare's time" and then the other actors all nod like she said something smart. The the narrator says some bullshit lie: "remember: yuou don't have to have read the classics to look smart in front of actors in a dramatisation about women having samrt things to say about the classics they haven't read".
Remind me again why my gender cna be such an embarsssment?

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