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Just for future reference...

Like Garth, I got in to work this morning to find a nice steamy turd waiting for me. My affinity for making travel arrangements has won me the privilege of making the travel arrangements for the president and most of the office. This has its positives and negatives: positive - I get paid to do my favorite pastime; negative - the president is very picky about how he likes to travel. He only wants to travel nonstop on top-tier airlines at peak times in the aisle seat. Which is fine, but when you work at a nonprofit that constantly bemoans their cash crunch, I can't very well justify booking him a flight that's $1000 more just because he didn't want to do that 45-minute touchdown at O'Hare. Then he tries to be all helpful by looking for deals in the paper. But what he doesn't understand is that when he sees DC TO LOS ANGELES ROUND TRIPS FROM $169* he doesn't understand that the little star means it's not going to be non-stop, not going to be out of Reagan, not going to be that nice 9am departure he wants, and is going to require a Saturday night stay. So when I come back and tell him the flight and times he wants are about $600, he asks me to keep looking for that $169 flight he saw in the paper. He also doesn't believe in the whole "be at the airport an hour early" business.

But I'm digressing. The president went to San Jose for business on Wednesday, and decided to bring his wife out with him and they'd stay out the weekend there. There was a voicemail message on my phone this morning that the office manager/president's executive assistant forwarded to me that he left for her over the weekend. The bottom line is that when he and his wife got to the airport, there were only middle seats left; nothing together. Apparently, when the airline adjusted the times of the flight, they deleted all the seating reservations that had been made. "I don't know what happened, but the airline said they lost our seat reservation," he said, "I don't know if this is because Megan is doing my flights now but given the time I spend traveling, these inconveniences are a real problem."

I asked the office manager what I was supposed to do about this, and she flipped her hand and said "oh, he was just caught up in the moment. He'll get over it." I told her I don't think he has anything to get over. He said he knew it was something the airline did. They said they lost his seat reservation, which implies that there was one to lose. I didn't know that his flight time was changed, nor did I know that they'd lose his seat arrangement if they did. So what am I supposed to do with this message?

"Just keep it for future reference to know that when he and his wife travel together, they want to sit together," she said. I still don't understand what I'm supposed to do about this. He said himself that the airline messed up his seat reservation. "I'm not going to get worked up about it," she said, "it's overwith. The way I see it, I would never have someone go above and beyond the call of duty when they were doing a favor for me. And furthermore, there were two adults there that could have handled it."

So I just said okay and left her office. Above and beyond the call of duty? If making a seat reservation for them is going above and beyond, I went above and beyond. And if this was truly just something not to worry about that he said in the heat of the moment, why did she forward it to me? What part of this am I supposed to note for future reference? The part where I did everything I was supposed to or the part about him leaving a pissy voicemail to my superior about how upset he is at me for something the airline did?

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