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I have been sitting here for about five minutes trying to think of something that I have been thinking about recently that would warrant an entry. I really need to find a new book and stop reading the damned Fake Paper in the morning. It's dumbing with my brain.

-This summer is slipping out of my fingers and I am yet tanless. I had planned to wake up early, go up to my roof and fall back asleep in the sun on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings of this long holiday weekend. I was thwarted by either rain malaise on all three.

-I delved into the realm of network reality shows last night with my maiden viewing of The Amazing Race. I normally don't like to commit to any show that begins before 10pm, as I am rarely at home sitting down before then. I always suspected Amazing Race was the network reality show for me, should I slum it on the networks, and I was damn right. It was awesome.

-Speaking of reality shows, I can pass some of the blame for my pallor onto the Discovery Channel's American Casino marathon on Sunday. They aughtta change the name of that casino to The Toolshed. Between the pockmarked spaz with the jump-in-pools-glass-on-my-head routine to the pathetic wannabe who opened up an "Ultra Lounge" in his one-bedroom apartment, these douchebags spanned the workbench from hammer to socket wrench. Frustrating...and yet, magically addictive.

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