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It was a damp Saturday afternoon in Baltimore. After an hour or so of looking at Abraham Lincoln's last turd, we found ourselves wandering around Fells Point looking for a bite to eat. One place in particular was advertising a "Pitcher of Beer/Half Pound of Shrimp" deal that secured The Keg's vote. Nobody else had found a place they were as drawn to, so the Greene Turtle it was. We piled in, ordered our lunches, and made merry. Thanks to Bob's keen eye, we were alerted to the line on the back of the menu, BEER PONG TOURNAMENTS THURSDAYS. We thought it must be criminal. Beer games? In public? Is that legal? We inquired of the staff as to the details of said tournament, and were told that while the tournaments are on Thursdays, we were welcome to play that day. And play we did. We played and played (and eventually played with the idea of getting a hotel room). We phoned exclamations of our delight to Pennsylvania and beyond of this magical bar in Baltimore that would give us ping pong balls and cups and let us play Beirut to our hearts' content.

When the service at Chevys took a nosedive, we searched and searched for a new bar. Dr Dremo's won nearly by default as it was both Metro and car accessible. It turned out to have more and more benefits: due to its cavernous size, it never got too crowded; it has a great jukebox, PhotoHunt, good happy hour specials, pool tables...the works. Then one evening, thanks to Bob's keen eye, we noticed a new tent card on the tables: BEER PONG TOURNAMENTS THURSDAYS. We inquired of the staff as to the details of said tournament, and were told it was just something they had come up with and we were the first ones to ask about it. They hoped it would grow legs.

It has. Thursday night Beirut at Dremo's has taken on a life of its own. What at one time seemed like crazy talk has become a weekly experience. At first, it was small enough that the groups who came to play didn't have to intermingle. Slowly, more and more people came to play and regulars could be identified. Now I know a guy I play drinking games with but only know as Pesci Delbarton.

But it's more than just a big party. This is the UN of Drinking Games. Together we gather, representing colleges from all across the country, bringing our collegiate differences to the table and coming to amenable compromises. Groups may have different ending rules, cup removal rules, or bouncing rules, but agreements are made and the game plays on. Nearly all of us have been exposed to a foreign method or exception, some of which have been assimilated into each others' games. Teams find common bonds and continue to hang with one another even after their games are finished. It is beautiful and harmonious.

Okay so maybe it's nothing like the UN. But god dammit it's fantastic.

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