The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight (maeincarnate) wrote,
The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight

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I wish my airguns fired nausea pellets. It would be nice if my eyebeams had a vaporizing effect, but I would be satisfied with mere diahhrea. There would be nothing more glorious than knowing that cunt who blocked the escalator today is going to be begging God Almighty that she gets to work before she destroys her linen slacks. Oh what an evacuation it would be.

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    On this, the ten-year anniversary of my LiveJournal, I have been going back and reading my old entries. This exercise has made a few things clear,…

  • It's Friday Poll Time!

    Well, hellooooooooo, LiveJournal! Nice to see you!

  • Happy New Year!

    Started off 2011 with a nice ring and an engagement request from Evan. It's looking like a good year so far :D

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