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Urban Geographic

So I'm sitting on the bench in the metro station minding my own business and doing some crossword. Then what out of the corner of my eye do I see but an enormous spider. I mean freaking huge. Big enough to startle me, and I love spiders. I mean "maybe someone's pet tarantula got loose" big. BIG. So I whip out my cameraphone:

OMFG that's one big spider

I put a quarter next to him, trying to get a perspective shot or two, but of course he started scurrying away and then the second he was just out of camerashot of it, he goes all goddamn model style on me. So, in the interest of science:


Look at that. He was nearly as big as Han Solo. And not just Millenium Falcon Han Solo, the Han Solo that went around in the snow slicing up Tauntons and shit. Freaky big. Huge.
Big Ups to Gamer for the Photoshopping and the host-er-oo

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