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I am reminded of frockazulu's post from last week regarding the restriction of liberties brought on by their excessive abuse by the final item in today's Best of the Web.

Apparently, Dollywood has had to amend their policy of allowing the disabled free entrance into the park:

Admission Policy: For many years Dollywood has been privileged to offer free admission to individuals who had a total and permanent vision or hearing loss, and/or who have a medical or physical condition which made them permanently dependent on a wheelchair. However, due to recent civil litigation filed against Dollywood regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we have been advised that legally our disability policy must be changed.

Effective January 01, 2004, we will not be able to offer free or discounted admission to anyone based on their disability or level of disability. From a legal standpoint, our staff is not qualified to make decisions on who should or should not be given free admission to the park based on their level of disability. For those reasons we regret to inform you that individuals who have been admitted under our previous disability policy will no longer be allowed to enter free of charge.

We sincerely regret this change and any inconvenience that this may cause you or your family. It is imperative for Dollywood to be consistent with our disability policy. Thank you for your understanding of this very important issue.

Taranto and company provide the following link:

I haven't been able to find an internet copy of this suit, but I think we can safely infer what happened. Dollywood had a policy which allowed certain extremely disabled people get in for free. Someone with a disability less severe than that threshold didn't get in for free. They got angry and sued. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on future lawsuits they decided to drop the policy which was once helpful to certain disabled people in favor of a policy which doesn't help any disabled people.

Way to go, people. Inch? Naah. I'll take that mile.

After my visit to Dollywood a few years ago, Dolly Parton soared in my esteem from an elephantotittied punchline to a woman of true character. Came from nothing, made something out of herself, and selflessly gives back, as evidenced by everything from her bald eagle sanctuary to the aformentioned disability policy.

It annoys me that some schlub with an overblown sense of entitlement blew it for everyone else. But it probably breaks Dolly's heart. And that makes me downright angry.

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