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I ain't got no fight in me today boss

I had a feeling that I had a doctor's appointment this morning at 10, which normally means I get to sleep in, but I never got the usual confirmation call on Friday. See, they do that because they have this policy where if you pull a no-show or cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, they charge you a $50 fee. So I go to work regular time, thinking that since I didn't get that confirmation call, maybe I had my dates mixed up. When I called at 8:30, their voicemail message said their offices are from 8-5. I asked the girl who answered if I did in fact have an appointment today, and she said she was merely the answering service and that I'd have to call back after 9:15 to speak to someone in the office. Funny, I thought their hours were from 8-5. Anyhoo, I call back at 9:15, and after "Doctor's office, can you hold please you have 4 calls ahead of you" I find out that yes, I do have an appointment today at 10.

Show up at 9:45 to check in and ask my billing question. According to my insurance company, they billed my recent physical as a visit for a pre-existing condition and the insurance would only cover part of it. I guess being alive is a pre-existing condition for which I need a physical. The girl at the doctor's office, after putting a few more people on hold and making up arbitrary placements for them in the queue (just like I suspected), said she would re-file but that there is a chance that if she files it differently, they'll just find something else not to pay. Whatever. I take my seat and read about how Kate Hudson got fat when she was pregnant the girl asked me if there was any other reason I was sitting there and I reminded her that I had a 10:00 appointment. She asked me why I thought that because the doctor I see isn't in the office yet and probably won't be for a while. I half joked that they owe me $50 and she got more defensive than when I asked about refiling my physical bill. You gotta have a lot of sack to pull no shows and have a no show policy like that.

I hate our IT contractors. Please do not make me spend 25 minutes on the phone with you so I can be enlightened with your scientific "hmm...the outbound server is acting real flaky" diagnosis.

Last week, I bidded on a new copier and printer from one of those office forecloure auctions. I forgot all about it until my boss asked me if we had won. I said I hadn't heard, and he said I would have gotten either an outbid or a winning notification, so we probably lost. I went to the website and I was still listed as the top bidder, so I emailed them asking what the next step was. They forwarded an email that was stamped Thursday at 5:39 that said I won, and that since we waited until after Saturday to pick the items up, we are going to have to pay a $50 per day storage fee. I searched my email and I did not see it. I did not get it. The girl on the line said that the date stamp was their proof the email was sent. I said sent or not it wasn't received and she said they didn't have time to follow up on all these emails. We have to pick it up today or incur another $50.

I didn't go to the gym for lunch like I normally do because I was waiting for calls back from the email people, the auction people and the copier people. Now I think I shouldn't go because following the trend of the day, I'll probably break my ankle on the treadmill if I do. At least I have my favorite Healthy Choice dinner and it is predictably delicious.

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