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Take a deep breath there, cowgirl.

My Ain't-takin-no-shit-ometer is running a little in the red lately. I seem to be immediately jumping to the conclusion that everyone is giving me guff. Take today's example: I got a Diet Dr Pepper from the Wiener Wagon thinking I was going to get my sandwich from a place that was DDPless. I changed my mind and went to a place that did have DDP. Ordered my sandwich and got my chips. The nice old lady ringing me up asks "chips and sandwich only? No drink?" and I kind of stumble out "no, I got one already. I wasn't planning." to which she replies, "next time get drink here, ok?"

My inner bullcrap siren goes a blazing. Does she think she's doing me some favor making a sandwich for me? I'll fucking buy whatever I want wherever I want.

Unfortunately this inner dialogue doesn't last long enough to prevent me from saying "I don't have to buy anything here at all, ya know."

Her eyes turn into dinner plates. "oh no no no! We like to have you. We hope you come back!" and goes on and on, making me feel more prickish with every demurring apology. So I try to make good by complimenting her on how fast they made the sandwich and how they have the chips I like. But I still feel like a big dick.
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