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Things that go bump in the night...

As I mentioned last night, as I was shutting off my scary game, I heard the rumbling noises of someone upstairs moving around furniture. But it was going on for too long and was obviously coming from someplace outside. Then it sounded like construction. I know they don't do construciton at 11:00 at night. Then it sounded like thunder, but it was really long and drawn out and there was no rain.

I asked some of my fellow Arlington-residing co-workers this morning if they too heard the strange thunder. They had. We all agreed on how strange it was.

Then I read this.

I'm not usually one to say anything about whether or not the president is a complete idiot, but this one just plain takes the cake.

What gets me even more is that a quick search on Yahoo news doesn't bring up any of the negative aspects of this. They just talk about the party.

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