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The Bad: Hurricane Gaston

While I did not consciously comprehend that a hurricane had arrived, it did result in a very fun action-hero dream in which we all were running from tidal waves and jumping onto high balconies and whatnot. I woke up at 8:30 to howling whistling winds, banging and clanging things outside, and streets flooded nearly 3 feet. After our in-room breakfast but during my morning shower, the power in the hotel cut off, and stayed off for nearly an hour. I went to the front desk and asked whether or not we would have some leeway on the checkout time, since with no power and water, we coudln't properly prepare for the day. Fortunately, the power came back on less than 10 minutes later, and the power crisis was averted.

Mickey called my cell to say that USAirways had called the house to inform me my flight had been cancelled. I called the number provided to rearrange my flight and was told the next available flight out was the following morning. I asked where they were going to put me up for the night and they rather effortlessly offered to connect me to for a good deal. I was surprised at how little of a stink I made about that, but I was honestly relieved that I wouldn't have to spend the afternoon in the airport wondering whether or not I would actually fly out that day, and since I had two friends I could stay with, as well as a spare $50 should I need a room, I was content to wait. I called in "Act of God" to work, and decided to take the day with a smile.

We invited Z and Shawn to come out and have brunch with us. Just as Shawn was arriving, Z called to say the roads around his apartment were too flooeded to drive, so we should come get him. In retrospect, this makes absolutely no sense. But we got in the Shaguar and followed Shawn to Z's place. As one might expect, nearly all of the roads between Z's and the hotel were under a few feet of water. We'd come to an intersection, gauge the situation, turn around, and try another route. VJ had been offering to let me drive the Jag all weekend, and since it was the first time since touchdown that I was not intoxicated, I got to drive the Jaguar very slow in a hurricane. Even then, god dammit that car drove nice. We watched Shawn and his Late Model Frankenstein try to go through a puddle that was clearly too deep, and as expected, stall out. Within seconds, guys in waders came out to push. I naively thought they were hired by the city to keep things moving, but apparently this is how some folks in Charleston make money. We came to a puddle that was so deep I refused to drive through, and I gave up my Shaguar driving priviliges. If we're going to float a $60,000 rental, it's not going to be while I'm behind the wheel.

At Z's we discovered that the rest of the guys' flights were still leaving and we didn't have time to get brunch. Shawn had to go home and attend to his son, leaving Z and me to our own devices. We got burritos, and when the rain cleared, took his dog to the beach. As nice and relaxing as it was, and as amusingly random that I spend the day in a strange city with a guy who while we were friends for years, probably had never hung out one on one before, by 7pm I was ready to be home. We went to go see Harry Potter at a 2nd run theater, came back to his place and watched Ali G. before crashing.

The flight home was on time, hit a fair amount of turbulence, and landed early. I spent the rest of the day on the couch.

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