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I was going to be on that Oprah show yesterday. Bob thought it would be hilarious to write in and say what a POS Justice is and how I need her to get to and from my physical therapy since the band saw incident left me thumbless. And those clowns at Harpo bought it. I mean really, how does that woman make any money? Shrewd, my ass. Anyhoo, they sent me the invitation to come to the show and I'm like "whatevs. I'm not going to no Chicago to see some vagina gazing talk show." so I said Fuck You to Oprah and the Toni Morrison poem she rode in on and stayed here in the good ol' D of C. And then what do you know. Pontiacs all around. So the way I see it, there's got to be one car left on that parking lot, since I never came to collect mine. Either that, or Karen Dowerson of Peoria, IL owes me a chubby fat one.

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