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The Lie Experiment

Thus concludes The Lie Experiment. It was harder than I mused at 3:38am on a Thursday morning after hours of drinking. I had gotten to thinking that night about how some "people" on LJ aren't really people, but characters. One person on my friends list, who I thought was a person, mundane journal and all, offhandedly mentioned after months of reading him/her that this journal was nothing but a character. Honestly (and probably niavely) it blew my mind. Does this mean this person has a real journal somewhere else? Who else am I reading is a character? Are all of our journals really just characters? We are all, for the most part, telling stories where the main character is ourselves.

I also often worry that people think I am a character, or that I tend to Bundyize my stories. I mean, I can see how someone might think I'm making some of this shit up, or at the very least, exaggerate a bit here and there. Last Tuesday, I cussed out some guy on the street for letting his dog not only take a gigantic dump in the flowerbed, but also standing there watching as the dog did that backleg bury/kick move to cover it up, and destroying the entire flowerbed in the process. Most of you who know me know that giving that guy a piece of my mind is something I would do, but sometimes the shit I say to people surprises even me, and I know for sure I did said them because hell, I was there.

So I maybe thought if by designating a Lie Period, I would provide a negative space for the rest of my journal to contrast. September 10 - 20, 2004 was the lying time, therefore, everything else must be true. Why I care so much about validating my journal to strangers, I'll never know.

I'll tell you one thing, thinking up lies is fucking hard. I didn't want to tell little fibs, like saying the dogshit guy had a black lab instead of the white poodle kind of thing; and I didn't want to do opposite day lies, like "Oh boy I just LOVE it when people let their dogs shit on the street and its GREAT how he wrecked the flowers like that." I guess it has to do with the frustrations I had when I used to try to write short stories and stuff in high school: I could do tone, mood, setting, character...but never could think up plot.

And what was worse, was that things happened to me that I really wanted to write about, but I couldn't. I have been finding it hard to think of and find time to write about stuff in LJ lately - funny how when I restricted myself from doing so, it all came to me. So maybe I'll do this again, but with some other restriction. Keep me on my toes.

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