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Star Wars Nerds: Fans or Fanboys?

Whenever I read the Fake Paper, I read it from back to front. The way I see it, I'll read the stuff they're qualified to report first (Entertainment, Letters to the Editor, TV Reviews) and then peruse their interpretation of yesterday's news if the train gets delayed long enough to get that far. Page 29 of today's issue features transcripts from a recent "Live Online" interview with Van Ling, producer of the newfangled Star Wars DVDs. A particularly juicy tidbit:

How badly did George Lucas mangle these films for the DVD? I realize that the toys are the main profit area for him, but movies should be about more than merchandising placement (which is the problem with the lousy prequels). Will there be a release of the original films on DVD at some point, or should we continue to buy pirated versions?

Talk about loaded questions! You'll have to decide for yourself how you feel about what George has done to the films. As far as I understand, there are no plans to release the "original" versions of the films, which George considers to be unfinished versions. And no one should be buying pirated versions anyway, since these original versions are commercially available as a legitimate product, just not on DVD.

Interesting. A question from a genuine Star Wars Fan voice; an authentically Lucansansian answer - right up there with "they switched to men in suits for Ep. 4 because CLEARLY the droid soldiers didn't work, as shown in Ep. 1" - that shows the apathetic disdain for the fans and the wormy authoritarianism of a gang of one-trick-ponies who fell ass backwards into success and won't admit it was a fluke.

A few turns later, on page 19, there's a collection of sound bytes from Mark Hamill and some production guys captured from the DVD extras features this:

So it's OK to love "Star Wars" but the people who created the films advise die-hard galactic geeks to lighten up. Hamill says there shouldn't be too much reverence: "How can you be so serious on a filmm where you are dodging explosions and running away with Sir Alec Guiness on this side and an 8-foot monkey on this side, and the eight-foot monkey is the one flying the spaceship?"

To the back is first Fake Paper reader, this appears to be a killer blow against Lucas and co. from the fans who truly love the films, and the pathetic attempt to marginalize that view. "You guys are stupid nerds for caring about this part of your cherished childhood that you have loved for 25 years. Grow up and get over it. There's puppets in it for god's sake!" Would it seem differently had I read the paper front to back, and read Hamill's comments first? Would the passionate and frustrated fan come off as the sniveling fanboy they want him to?

Who am I kidding. Han Shot First, god dammit, and that's all that matters.

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