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Birthday Nitwittery

Last night, Mickey says I can go ahead on to bed and he'll be with me soon. I say I'll wait up for him, but he insists, so I go to sleep. He wakes me up about a half hour later, but my eyes don't see Mickey, they see the Mego Human Torch*, and appropriately enough, I scream.

He turns on the light and gently lets me know it's him. I mumble that I saw him in a multicolor Spiderman costume and he laughs it off. It has been well documented that I often think about comic book superheroes when startled awake, so he was not terribly surprised.

Luckily I realized my boyfriend was in reality not a 6'2" plastic action figure in time to open some presents. New Britney Spears CD? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?

*I've been reading a ToyFare compilation book before bed recently.

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